Squishy Deluxe Microbead Body Pillow with Removable Cover

$63.95 $69.95
  • Squishy Deluxe Microbead Body Pillow with Removable Cover

Squishy Deluxe Microbead Body Pillow with Removable Cover

$63.95 $69.95

Enjoy personalized support from head to toe with this irresistibly comfy body pillow! Can be molded to provide support in any shape—perfect for people with back pain.

Do you wake up with a sore back or can never seem to find a comfortable position for your legs or arms while sleeping? Microbead Body Pillow By Squishy Deluxe is an extremely versatile pillow that can be used in a very personalized manner to provide support just where you need it. Its unique cylindrical shape provides more targeted support and takes up less space in the bed. 

It Provides Soft Squishiness, Breathability and Shapeability of Down and the Support of Memory Foam - Can be folded into any shape to conform to your body - Unlike other pillows, micro beads allow for more air circulation to keep you cool. It’s ideal for people in need of targeted support due to localized pain resulting from an injury or recent surgery.

The zippered removable cover is made from a soft and stretchy spandex/nylon material. In case it gets a little dirty, the removable cover can be removed for extremely easy washing in any standard washing machine. This will ensure long lasting comfort that also smells fresh and clean!

This is a premium-quality pillow made from durable materials, featuring reinforced stitching to eliminate the risk of beads leaking. Your entire family will fight over it (so be sure to buy one for everyone!).

  • Size: 47” X 7”
  • Proprietary microbead fill with a mix of small amount of microfiber
  • Breathable design keeps you cool
  • Provides soft yet firm support  
  • Adjusts to virtually any shape  
  • Reinforced stitching prevents bead leaks  
  • Machine washable (removable cover)

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