What is a pregnancy pillow?

A pregnancy pillow is usually a long, often a full body length pillow. The primary reason as to why these are usually intended for pregnant mothers is because their long length provides vital support for mothers and their bigger bellies. Pregnant mothers often have a difficult time achieving an optimal sleep position because of this, and having a full length pregnancy pillow helps them attain and maintain a restful position throughout the night.

What is a donut pillow?

Unfortunately, you can't eat this one! Donut pillows simply refer to pillows that feature a donut-like or horseshoe shape. These pillows are specially designed to encircle your neck. Their inherent design prevents your head from rolling about as you drift off to sleep, which not only prevents you from suffering from neck strains and even the potential of mild whiplash, it also insures that you will get to sleep faster and maintain a deeper sleep for longer. Plus, their design and form factor also makes them perfect for traveling since they are small enough to take with you in the car or on the plane.

Do pillows provide health benefits?

Yes! It often goes unrealized that pillows are much more than bedding accessories used for cozy sleeping. You can find a wide range of pillows that include models specifically made to address the health and wellness of specific parts of your body, including those made specifically for your neck, back and even full body models.

What are microbead pillows?

While many people have become quite accustomed to their favorite feather filled pillows, many others have been introduced to the wonderful benefits of microbead pillows. These pillows are filled with polystyrene microbeads, fancy version of plastic, and are usually encased by a synthetic nylon or spandex shell. By themselves, these little beads aren't very significant, but together they form a very healthy cumulative effect. That's because the individual beads come together under the pressure of your body to create vital support in a contoured fashion.

Plus, These pillows are excellent for people with allergies. Microbead pillows are hypoallergenic, meaning they can greatly decrease allergic reactions normally caused by traditional down or feather pillows.

Can I wash microbead pillows?

Microbead filled pillows are actually quite durable and easy to take care of; however, not all microbead pillows are made to be washable. You should always check the Care Instruction Label prior to washing your pillow. Most of the pillows we sell can be washed either by hand or by using traditional washing machines and dryers. Also see How to Wash a Microbead Pillow.