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Finding comfort on-the-go seems to be a rare thing. Whether stuck in the car for long periods of time, or cramped in the stuffy cabin of an airplane, traveling can be incredibly stressful on our bodies. Providing proper support for your head and neck is one of the most important things that most people take for granted. A great way to keep your head and neck supported is to invest in a travel pillow.

Travel pillows have become much more common in recent years as travelers have begun to appreciate the added comfort that these products can add to a long trip spent sitting in a plane, car, or train. These products come in a variety of forms, so you can find a style that fits your particular comfort and your space needs as you travel. Moreover, if you're camping or like to have your own pillow even if you're staying at a hotel, a compact model for traveling will greatly ease the space requirements of having your own pillow while traveling.

To begin with, you can always find a small compact choice that still provides the same level of comfort as your home pillow. Using foam or microbead filling instead of cotton or goose feather, allows you to compress your travel pillows, which makes storing it much easier. These materials are also especially supportive so you don't need a whole lot of filling to provide backing for your neck. They're also very soft and comfortable, so they are a good choice all around.

In addition to compact models, there are also other models called neck pillows that will support your head while you're stuck sitting for extended periods. Unlike a normal model that you'd have to fidget with to get into the right place to support your neck, these products surround your head so that you can rest anywhere. More importantly, as you sleep you don't have to worry about losing your pillow if you shift your head or from vibrations. Instead, these products will stay firmly in place around your head.

The microbeads used in microbead pillows compress under pressure, enabling it to conform perfectly to your neck or head. A proper microbead neck pillow can provide unrivaled support. Alternatively, a mini microbead pillow can also provide excellent neck support, and also fits easily into any carry on or travel bags. Whether using a neck pillow, mini pillow, microbead travel pillows can provide the proper support to ensure a restful travel experience, leaving you rested and alert when you finally arrive at your destination.