Snooztime microbead pillows are made with a quality and durability that won't be found in another pillow line. Made of a soft nylon and spandex blend, and filled with the uniform comfort of food grade high quality polystyrene microbeads, Snooztime microbead pillows are "Just a Better Pillow."

Smaller and smoother microbeads provide comfortable and uniform support. In addition their double lock stitching and double sewn closures ensure a durable products that will last for years to come. Snooztime microbead pillows use materials that are eco-friendly and recyclable means that they are less expensive to manufacture, which thus makes them more affordable to purchase. It is a true example of a better quality product offered at even better prices than traditional down or feather pillows.

Snooztime pillows can be hand washed or by using traditional washing machines and dryers with proper precautions. For more information on washing your Snooztime microbead pillows, please refer to more information on How to wash a microbead pillow.  

All Snooztime microbead pillows are hypoallergenic, which will help ensure a decrease in allergic reactions during the night, and thus providing a more healthy restorative sleep. For more information on hypoallergenic pillows, please refer to our article on hypoallergenic pillows.

Soft and supportive yet flexible and durable, Snooztime microbead pillows provide great comfort for your head and body while also being easy on your wallet. These pillows come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors including: the Original Snooz microbead bolster pillow, travel size squishy bolster pillow, and the Dreamer Evolution pillow: their top of the line, high quality sleeping pillow made with a special blend of microbead filling and microfiber fill. Find the one that is right for you!