While you will certainly have to deal with discomfort frequently throughout your pregnancy, a pregnancy pillow can do a lot to mitigate that discomfort. These unique pillows are designed to help provide vital support for expecting mothers, giving them the structured position they need in order to get the most restful and continuous sleep throughout the night.

The most effective pillows intended for pregnant mothers are those that are designed with micro beads or other similar materials. That's because these specialty beads or similar materials are incredibly effective at maintaining their form. This ability to hold a conforming shape while still maintaining a super soft and cozy surface is just one of the reasons why these specialty pillows have continued to be so popular among pregnant mommies.

Any pregnant mother will be able to tell you just how uncomfortable it can be to try and sleep with such a full belly. But thanks to these expecting mother pillows you can steady your body to prevent yourself from naturally rolling about in bed. This stabilization is one of the keys to achieving longer lasting, uninterrupted sleep sessions. And this certainly has a very beneficial cumulative effect. Thanks to a rather simple, yet brilliant design, you can enjoy a much improved mood, lower stress levels and higher energy levels from getting the sleep you need.

Plus, since you are also entitled to some extra style in your life during this challenging period, you will be glad to see that there are plenty of different colors, designs and materials to choose from.

Depending upon the size and type of pillow you select, the same pillow can then also be used for nursing or for the baby to rest against, since these pillows hold their shape in whatever form you put them in. You can use it as a circle around the baby for support or as a crescent shape for breastfeeding. These Microbead Pregnancy Pillows are very versatile and you will be amazed how useful they become in different situations.