Plush pillow toys are a familiar sight to anyone who has children. From small stuffed versions of their favorite TV characters to the adorably collectable bean bag animals, plush pillow toys are a staple of a young child's toy box, and with good reason! Plush pillow toys aren't breakable the way plastic toys are, and they do not pose a choking hazard either.

Plush pillow toys are durable far beyond the compare of other baby toys, and they are uniquely suited to be a favorite toy of a child as they grow. The same stuffed animal that a nine month old squeals in delight at the sight of can help calm a three year old and help them go to sleep. The same cannot be said for the rattles and other entertainment an infant.

In fact, many children enjoy playing with plush pillow toys well into their school years. A peek into the average American girl's room would reveal that more often than not the room is extremely well stocked in stuffed toys. This rings true for girls up to and sometimes beyond college age. So if you are looking for a toy with real staying power, look no further.