Even though dogs and cats often love to sleep around the house on the couch or on their owner's bed, there are plenty of special beds just for pets out there. These products are made for different sizes of pets and are made with a soft interior material that pets can curl up on and quickly fall asleep. These squishy pet pillows are a great alternative to letting a pet sleep on existing furniture to help keep fur and other dirt away. Additionally, having a dedicated bed for a pet allows the owner to travel with the pet and provide a little piece of home wherever they go.

Microbead Pet Pillows are a popular and practical choice for many different pets. These products are better used for smaller dogs and almost any sized cat. They are simply a large pillow that is usually either a flat square or circle. These products are easy to climb into and get out of. They are especially plush to provide and extra soft surface to lie on. They are great for helping to train dogs to sleep and stay off of furniture by providing a space all their own.

Unlike other standard pet beds, these products are much more beneficial to the look of your home. They can be placed on a couch or bed without contrasting with its existing look. Products can be found in myriad colors and designs. Many of these products are also made with organic fibers to ensure that you are purchasing products with a low impact on the environment.