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With the ever growing popularity of using microbeads in commonly used items, a very common question often arises...what exactly are microbeads?

Microbeads are very small spherical balls or "beads", ranging in diameter from out 0.3 to 0.8 mm. They are usually made from polystyrene, and are commonly used as an alternative down-free material to fill pillows. These small beads squish easily under pressure, but quickly expand to their original shape when the pressure is released. This is what creates such comfort and support in pillows using microbeads as fill.

Microbeads are an incredibly clever technology that gives you a great amount of comfort and support whenever you need to rest. Tiny beads are put inside of pillows, which makes them adapt to your body and provide support for your body. You can find microbeads in almost any sized and shaped pillow, so depending upon your needs, you can find a model that will work for your desired comforts.

You can easily replace the pillow you already have in your bed with a model that features this technology. Unlike goose feather or cotton, these pillows won't wear down over time as you rest your head on them night after night. If you're looking for better neck support as you sleep, these products work great as well. The shape of the pillow will adapt to your neck and head, creating a perfect cradle. Unlike a pre-shaped pillow, you won't have to lie in a specific way to take advantage of its features. With these products it doesn't matter where you lie, it adapts to you as you move through the night.

In addition to your bed, these products are also great for other uses as well. Using small versions, you can provide back support and added comfort around your home's chairs and couches. These products are also great for extra cushion when heading out to a sporting event or where the seating can be a little stiff. This goes for traveling as well. Long trips spent in the car or on a plane can give you stiff back and these products can help alleviate the trouble.

Modern microbeads are commonly made from recylcled materials, which, combined with the comfort and growing popularity of microbead pillows, provide a practical and comfortable way to live a more "green" lifestyle.