• Available in various shapes, sizes, and colors to fit any use and personal styles.
  • They are filled with millions of tiny microbeads made from polystyrene commonly known as Styrofoam beads, which are lightweight, compact and squishy yet firm. These beads come in various sizes from "peanuts" for a beanbag to "sand" in a top quality bed and maternity pillows.
  • It works by shifting and redistributing the tiny beads as you place pressure on them. The fluidity and integrity of the beads allow the pillow to mold and hug the contours of your body without sacrificing support and firmness necessary for proper comfort.
  • These beads do not compact and retain their shape over time.
  • Unlike cotton, down, feather and foam fillings, our microbead products are made from closed cell beads that do not absorb moisture, sweat, saliva or dust, making them less likely to mold, mildew, cultivate bacterial or attract unwanted organisms. This hypoallergenic quality makes them perfect for allergy sufferers.
  • They are durable, easy to take care of and are generally washable by hand or in a traditional washing machine and dryer, when proper precaution is taken. See How to wash a Microbead Pillow.
  • These amazing squishy products are just as affordable as other specialty pillows but last longer, provide better support and are hypoallergenic. A microbead pillow is the smart choice for anyone looking for an incredibly comfortable pillow at an affordable price. You will be glad you tried one!


  • Body: If you have not tried one, they are well worth the additional space in bed. They are longer than standard pillows at approximately double the length. They are great if you roll in your sleep, if you are a side sleeper, if you enjoy hugging a pillow at night or if you like to place it between your knees to align your spine and support your back. They work great for people with lower back pain and neck pain in providing proper alignment of your spine for side sleepers.
  • Sleep: These are the same shape and size as a standard sleeping pillows except filled with microbeads (and sometimes in combination with microfiber fill). They give you a better night's sleep by providing unparalleled support around your neck and shoulder throughout the night and help reduce sore neck and neck pain.
  • Boslters: These are generally smaller and cylindrical in shape and provide great support for the lower back, your neck or between your knees. They are compact and versatile for use at home or while traveling. They also work great for providing supporting for people suffering from specific pain in their arms or legs due to an illness or a specific condition, such as fibromyalgia, or recovering from an accident or a surgery.
  • Pet: We also carry products for your furry friends. Your pets will love curling up on these soft and squishy comfortable products.
  • Travel: Travel pillows made with microbeads are now extremely popular due to their compact size and lightweight quality. They fit easily into any bag making traveling long distance much more pleasurable. The U-Shaped version for your neck simply wraps around your neck allowing your head to rest against it comfortably or the tube shaped bolsters that can be placed under your head for side support or behind your back on the seat.

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