Bolster pillows are a type of throw pillow that is used in many different contexts. Sometimes people just like the look of these products and use them to decorate their couches and bed as well as nice chairs. Other times, people use these products to help provide support while they are sitting around the home or sleeping at night. Fortunately, these products can be used for both without forcing a buyer to decide between the two different uses. These products are great for both of these benefits as they provide great health benefits as well as a classic look that nearly any decor could benefit from.

These products are unique in their shape, which is cylindrical. They can be either short or very long depending upon the exact use of the product. The material inside is firm so that the pillow is upright in appearance when resting and can provide various levels of physical support to the body when in use.

Most commonly these products are placed underneath an existing rest pillow to help keep the neck in line when sleeping. They also help to alleviate the weight the head forces on the neck while resting. Along with use during sleep, these products can be used for the backs of chairs for lower back support or to rest one's arms on as well.

These products come in many designs and colors so you can easily adapt their use to the home, whatever your current or future tastes in its look are.