Bed pillows are what most people think of when they need to purchase pillows. These days, there isn't just one pillow for the bed. Instead, there are a great many varieties of products available for all types of body types and sleeping styles out there. Though it may make shopping a little harder, it does make it a lot more fun when you're done, because you'll have a pillow that fits your exact style of sleeping, which will lead to not just a comfortable night, but also a refreshed and healthy feeling day.

So of course there are the standard square pillows. These will never go out of style, however you can now find products of differing firmness. They are designed for the three basic types of sleepers: side, back, and chest. Each has its own type that works best. Additionally, different materials, whether foam, feather, or microbead, can be found within as well. Each has its own feel to it, but most are intended to provide a comfortable sleep with additional support for the neck.

Aside from the old standard, there are now shaped pillows as well. These are most often L or U-shaped pillows that surround the body. They allow the owner to rest against something soft to give support to the body while sleeping. These products help side sleepers especially, but they can also keep the body from rolling during the night as well.

Additional support pillows such as neck roll pillows are also a common addition to provide additional support for the neck.