What Should Be Remembered Before Buying a Bolster Pillow?

Bolster pillows are cylindrical, slender cushions that serve a variety of purposes, including supporting your back and neck or simply adding a decorative touch to the space. These pillows can help you get peaceful, sound sleep during day or night.

However, you’ve to keep a range of points—fabric type, size, and filling choice—in mind before making the final selection. In the following, we’re sharing some of the tips that you should remember before buying a bolster pillow.


Choosing a fabric for your bolster pillow depends on the way you’ll use it. For example, if you’ll use these pillows outdoors, you should go with those that are made of hard-wearing fabric (such as heavy cotton).  If you will primarily use the pillow on a couch or a bed or for travelling in a car or a plane, you will want a more comfortable cool fabric such as nylon.

Likewise, if you require a decorative bolster, use a heavy weight brocade fabric. The brocade fabrics, by and large, feature close, strong weave with a decorative work. While buying a decorative bolster pillow, other fabric options include faux fur, velvet, suede, and leather.


You can choose a bolster pillow having different fillings, including micro beads, synthetic fiber, or cotton. (These fills are malleable and, thus, offer pillows a squishy feel.) Cotton is generally chosen as a filling for those pillows that need to have a luxurious feel but don’t necessarily need to be supportive.

Similarly, micro beads can be used as a filling when you want the pillow to provide excellent support. (A microbead bolster pillow is widely used in healthcare facilities and clinics as it adjusts to the body’s shape and targets to alleviate its pain.)


Like the fabric, the size of a bolster pillow depends on where you’d like to use it. Those who’d like the pillow to support their back (while sitting on a chair) can choose a single bolster pillow. In the same way, longer bolster pillows, which are classified as body pillow, are apt for supporting your whole body while you sleep to encourage a healthy posture during your sleep.

So with these tips in mind, you’ll be able to choose the best bolster pillows.


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