Know Why Bolster Pillows Are a Bundle of Comfort

The word “pillow” can remind anyone of rest. Nowadays, the customer has the ability to choose from many different pillows that meet their diverse needs. For example, while traveling, you can use a travel pillow; likewise, if you suffer from neck pain, a neck pillow can provide you restfulness, or if you suffer from lower back pain you can use a bolster pillow to support your lower back.

Among so many pillows, you can select a bolster pillow that is truly a bundle of comfort. Also known as a tube pillow, this variety (and its benefits) is unfamiliar to many. This type of pillow has a cylindrical shape and is filled with soft micro beads that can provide your body squishy softness.  Unlike a full body pillow, which is also cylindrically shaped, a bolster pillow is usually shorter in length. These tube shaped pillows are usually around 14 inches in length just so they can fit perfectly behind your lower back.  A bolster pillow is made of polystyrene material whose firmness can offer the body complete support.

Also, in addition to their use for decorative purposes, these cushions are perfect for people to use while sleeping or resting. Many bolster pillows cushion your neck (or any other part of the body) to alleviate pain from pressure points.

Key features of a bolster pillow

These pillows are considered to be hypoallergenic because polystyrene beads do not attract dust mites or other allergens. Because of their durability and firm shape, these pillows can be used for a long time. The bolster cushion is also very popular for people with recent medical procedures or accidents for extra support and comfort in targeted areas. Similarly, these pillows are very helpful for those people who are suffering from  ailments in their neck, knee or lower back.

Allowing patients to alleviate pain and recuperate faster, such a cushion provides quality comfort and is often recommended by orthopedists and doctors as a body support pillow. For those who are having problems in getting a sound sleep, these pillows provide premium support to your body and give it additional comfort.

Multipurpose use

Apart from sleeping, these pillows can be used for a variety of other activities. You can use them as an armrest while sitting, reading, or watching television or as lap support for your tabled or laptop. Its  cylindrical shape will offer you comfort while you laze around on the couch or on the floor.

Plus, because of their compact size and high flexibility (owing to the micro beads), these pillows are easy to store. Also, these pillows can be washed easily and quickly. (This variety of cushions can also be washed in any  washing machine with proper precautions.)

Due to their multiple benefits, the bolster pillows are used by many people for various reasons. (Even hospitals, clinics, and hotels buy these pillows for their customers.) So if you, too, wish to buy such a pillow, you can contact any online retail outlets specializing in pillows filled with micro beads.


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