Here’s a List of Different Pillows That Improve Sleep

Are you suffering from chronic or acute body pain or ache? If you’ve had that pain for quite some time, it’s high time for you to change the pillows that you use. Pillows, generally, are used for sleeping to support your head; however, the following pillows that we’re about to share with you can be used to rest different parts of your body in many situations. These cushioned friends are designed to improve your sleep and your life, so read on.

Body pillows

Distinguished by its long shape, this pillow is suited for those who like to sleep on their side. Such people can use a body pillow to rest their different body parts. The pillow’s long shape can help people to support their head, knees, legs, and neck. These cushions are available in a range of shapes; the one that’s bought the most is a U shaped body pillow.

Neck pillows

Also known as cervical or orthopedic pillows, the neck cushions are specifically created to support the neck and to keep the spine and the neck aligned. These pillows are best suited for those who suffer from generic neck pain or cervical spine problems.

Knee pillows

These cushions are of rectangular shape, and they’re designed to be placed between the knees to alleviate pain or strain on the lower back. This pillow is used by those who like sleeping on their backs or on their sides. Additionally, these pillows are meant for keeping the spine in a pain-free neutral position.

Lower back support pillows

These cushions are generally cylindrical in shape are usually smaller in size (sometimes referred to as a bolster) so they can perfectly fit in the small of your back while sitting or resting. They are usually lightweight and designed to travel with you to help ease your pain during your journeys.

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