Feel the Luxury with Microbead Body Pillow

Are you suffering from any discomfort or back pain while sleeping? If yes then you must invest in buying a good body pillow. These pillows are highly comfortable and provide relaxation to your muscle and nerves. Unlike regular pillows, which only provide support to your neck, by using body pillows you will also get support not only to your neck but along with it to your head, shoulder and back also. 

What type of Filling is preferable for body pillows?

You can easily get any type of filling for your pillows. But, Microbead is the best filling and must be used for every pillow. A Microbead body pillow is mainly filled with the small, soft, tiny beads of polystyrene foam. These beads contribute to extra comfort and support in your life. These pillows are low-priced and supple in comparison of other type of body pillows. They are firm, comfortable, and capable enough of providing the pressure point relief for your body. You can then finally sleep without pain. These tiny beads are perfect for all age group as they mold according to the shaped and weight of your body.  You can easily find these Microbead pillows in all shapes and sizes.

Outer cover of the pillow

The outer cover of these body pillows are made of stretchy and soft material spandex and nylon blend. Whatever shape you apply to these pillows, they will remain soft and squishy. These body pillows can easily wrap around your body and provide complete support. You can easily remove the outer removable zippered cover of these pillows. This feature is beneficial as it allows the pillow to remain fresh and clean. You can wash these outer covers in any standard washing machine. These pillows can also be stored easily in the original packaging that they come in, which is also great for travelling in case you would like to take your body pillow with you on your travels.

These pillows come in various color so you have a choice of picking anyone of them. Give relaxation and comfort to your body with these luxurious body pillows.


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