3 Main Types Of Microbead Squishy Pillows

It is absolutely essential for people who have recently undergone a major surgery to get as much rest as possible to recover. There are a number of products that are helpful in the recovery process. Microbead squishy pillows are one of those important items that are highly recommended by doctors because of the ultimate comfort provided by them. These pillows are also helpful in neck pain and brilliantly support your head while you sleep.

When it comes to microbead squishy pillow, you can find many types in market. Here, we will discuss the main and popular types of squishy pillows.

Types of microbead squishy pillows

  • 1. Squishy microbead body pillow: These pillows are long and cylindrical in shape and are specially created to provide relaxation for the entire body of a user. These pillows are available in a wide array of therapeutic styles and specifically designed for comfort, support and healthy sleeping.

  • 2. Squishy microbead neck and travel pillow: If you are one of those who feel pain in neck while travelling, then you must pick a neck or a travel pillow. As these pillows come with right amount of filling, which consists of tiny food grade microbeads, they are highly preferable to fulfill your need for proper support and relaxation while travelling.

  • 3. Squishy microbead bolster pillow: A comfortable sleep is necessary for a healthy mind and body. This is the reason why many people prefer bolster pillows. The pillows not only comfort your body but also are the best for your mind. These pillows come in different styles and sizes. However the pillows that are cylindrical in shape and around 14 inches in length are the popular as they are just the right size for providing support in various situations.

Tiny polystyrene foam microbeads fillings mixed with small amounts of microfiber offer you the most relaxed and happy sleep you ever had. These beads are highly comfortable as they adjust according to the shape of a user.


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