Squishy Pillows

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Squishy pillows are just what the name implies. These products immediately squish when you lie on them. Instead of providing support, they provide comfort and relaxation. Though this may sound counterintuitive, they are tremendously comfortable and most are quite large, so you can easily fall into them. These products come in a variety of different styles and shapes, some for fun and others for practicality. Regardless of your particular preference, these products will transport easily as they can be squished down into tight bag. This makes these products great for traveling.

Some of the most common of these products are kid's squishy pillows. These are usually brightly colored or feature a favorite cartoon character. They are fun for kids for this reason, but are great since they provide something for them to lie on which reacts to their weight. You can also find products that are shaped like animals, which can be really fun for kids.

For adults, there are a few options. Just like kids, you can find squishy pillows that feature logos of favorite sports team to amp you up for your game. These can be used for game days to give a little more cushion to the usually uncomfortable stadium seats. Additionally, these products can be used for travel as well. Not only can you find a nice compact model that will give you back support, but you can also find products such as neck pillows that will cradle your head while you sit for extended periods on long trips.

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