Neck Pillow

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A neck pillow is a convenient device that is small and travels well. It will, of course, completely change how you travel long distances, whether on the bus, train, plane, or riding in a car. These models are made to make relaxing or napping while sitting upright a refreshing activity rather than a literal pain in the neck. They come in many sizes and colors as well as having different fillings such as cotton or microbead. Try one out and you'll definitely want one.

These products are simply designed. Whatever make or model you get, all of them will wrap around your neck, cradling your head with a large fluffy padding that is soft to lie against. This seems like something you could do with a normal pillow, but think again. These products stay put around your neck without shifting. Moreover, they are particularly plump, so there is no need to fluff them or try to force their filling around to fit in the right spot. During sleep, you also can shift your head and immediately lose the place of your pillow. A neck pillow, however, will always be in the same place-everywhere.

Neck pillows are great for children who often get bored or easily uncomfortable on long trips. Even if it's just a short trip, you can still get the benefit of greater neck support and comfort. If you don't plan on sleeping on a trip, they are still great to simply comfort your head while reading or just watching the scenery pass by you.

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